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Dudipatsar Lake "A Hidden Paradise"

Dudipat Lake is also known as Dudipatsar Lake, this lake is covered by snow clothed peaks in Lalusar Dudipastar National Park. Dudipatsar Lake is rest in the severe north side of the Kaghan Valley that is attach with one district point in the Mansehra District and other is Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in northern Pakistan. As when we pronounce the word Dudipatsar we have to think about the meaning of that word which is somehow difficult to pronounce. 

Actually the word Dudipatsar has divided into three parts and easily understands the meaning of that word. First of all “Dudi” means “White”, “pat” describe the mean of “Mountain” and the last one “Sar” means “Lake”. Another question arises why this lake is called Dudipatsar Lake? Answer is very simple, because of the snow color white at covered crown or peaks. Another amazing point of view about the Dudipatsar Lake is water view in summer, in summer water reflects like a mirror. 

Best Time to Visit Dudipatsar Lake

For visitors, they have selected their specific period of time to visit that places like, Naran Kaghan, Shugran etc etc. So for Dudipatsar Lake and park is accessible for four months and visit in these four months in the year from June to September. From different regions, countries visitors have come and visit Lake, from abroad travel to enjoy the views and beauty of the place.

Dudipatsar Lake's Geography

The geography of Dudipatsar Lake is different from other lakes; water of the lake is so beautiful and very cold. At an elevation of 3800 meters which is approximate 12,500 ft. The surrounding mountains, with snow patches in the shady dales, average around 4,800 metres (15,700 ft) in elevation. Beside visitors can enjoy from the others side which is neighboring to attract the visitors, like Lalusar Lake also in the park of Lake, this is the essential headwaters of the Kunhar River. Saif ul Maluk Natoinal Park with Saif ul Maluk Lake.

The stream head for Dudipatsar Lake is located at Besal, which is about an hour drive from the urban area of Naran. The road where we will go to Lake is accessible by cars and motorbikes. The lake had infinity of trout, but illegal fishing with dynamite, nets and other procedure use for fishing resulted in a sharp fish population decline. It is advised to not track it in snow, as it is an avalanche prone area. The 2005 Kashmir earthquake in North Pakistan made access more difficult. However since 2006 the Pakistan government has taken all steps to restore tourism in the Kaghan Valley, including rebuilding and new tourism facilities and infrastructure.

Nearby Distances of Dudipatsar Lake 

In the distance to Dudipatsar Lake, we can calculate into three parts

  1. From Baisal we required less distance 15-KM and 5 to 6 hours are required for traveling.
  2. From Naran we need 62-KM distance and required 9 hours for that.
  3. From Balakot last point of the traveling scheme, attain 148-KM with the 12 hours time.

Dudipatsar Lake Track Guidance

In the detail of the journey, Leave early from Naran. Then go to Behsal (Besal) on Jeep. Its max. 2 hours journey. From Behsal its approx. 7-8 hours trek to Dudipatsar Lake. Here you can hire a guide as well as Horses. Guide will take around Rs. 2000/- per day & same for the horse. In the start of the trek there is a narrow way. A couple of glaciers also come on the way. Then path widens up. After approx. 6 hours trek comes "Mulla Ki Basti". A small village where you can get something to eat. But it is recommended to carry packed food with you. For here its approx. 2 hours further hike to Dudipatar Lake. Some people camp & relax here & go to the lake next morning. Some direct go to the lake & finally relax there. It is advisable to stay at Mulla ki basti and go to the lake next morning. From here 2 hours hike to the lake is relatively hard, because rocks are steep.

Various kind of buses, vans available in Lahore for Mansehra city. Fare price is 450 to 750PKR depend on AC/Non AC. And for Naran vans available at Mansehra Bus Terminal which takes 250PKR for each. You can also hire a jeep or cab for Naran in 2400PKR approximately. If you are 5 to 7 persons then jeep or private cab is advisable. For Naran to Behsil you have to hire a jeep from Naran which takes 5000 to 6000 for Besil and then back to Naran. Transportation cost can vary from time to time Its totally depend on season, rush of people and weather. It’s very hard to find correct amount of fares.

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